Zhengzhou-Xi’an High Speed Railway
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Wuhan-Guangzhou High Speed Railway designed by SIYUAN has a total length of 505km, open to traffic on February 6, 2010.

Corresponding to the Zhengzhou-Xi’an section of Longhai (Lianyungang-Lanzhou) Railway, Zhengzhou-Xi’an High Speed Railway is the mid section of the planned Xuzhou-Lanzhou Passenger Special Line. It starts at Zhengzhou, the center of Central Plains in the east, westwards to Luoyang, Sanmenxia, Weinan, and ends at Xi’an, the portal city of Northwest China.

There’re 11 stations in total, with 2 terminal stations namely New Zhengzhou Station and Xi’an North Station, and 9 passing stations including New Xingyang Station, New Gongyi Station, Luoyang South Station, New Mianchi Station, New Sanmenxia Staion, New Lingbao Station, New Huashan Station, New Weinan Station, and New Lintong Station.

Zhengzhou-Xi’an High Speed Railway is the world’s first loess passenger special line, with 90% of the railway line built on loess area. SIYUAN had carried out repeated optimizations on technical solutions for collapsible loess foundation treatment: first select representative work points in sections for collapsible loess foundation treatment tests, then put forward effective and reliable reinforcement solutions for collapsible loess foundation treatment. Zhengzhou-Xi’an High Speed Railway crosses the Central Plains hinterland, which is the important birthplace of China’s ancient civilization as well as the cradle of the Chinese nation. Therefore, SIYUAN designers actively communicated with the cultural relics management authorities. In view of their views and suggestions, and via careful comparisons, the alignment with min. influences to the cultural relics had been chosen, which then had been reviewed and approved by the local cultural relics management authorities, so as to ensure equal importance had been attached to both the engineering construction and the cultural relics protection.

With the operation of Zhengzhou-Xi’an High Speed Railway, the traveling time between Xi’an and Zhengzhou is shortened from 7 hours to less than 2 hours, which not only dramatically shortens the time-distance from West China and Sichuan- Chongqing regions to Central South and East China, but also plays an immeasurable active role in terms of pushing forward the economic development in central and west China, realizing large flow of people and materials with East China, promoting balanced development of regional economies, building up harmonious society in mid-western areas, and realizing the magnificent goal of building a well-off society in an all-round way.

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