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Over the past 58 years ever since its establishment, SIYUAN has completed the survey and design of more than 55,000 km railways, accounting for over one third of the total survey and design works for national railway construction since the founding of the People’s Republic of China. In this century, with the rapid development of Chinese high-speed railway, as a main force of railway construction in China, SIYUAN has undertaken the survey & design works for a large number of national high-speed railway projects. Especially during the “eleventh five year plan” period, the length of completed high-speed railways designed by SIYUAN is up to 3,500 km, accounting for two thirds of the total mileage of newly built high-speed railways open to traffic in China; and the length of high-speed railways under construction designed by SIYUAN amounts to 6,000 km, about 40% of the total mileage of high-speed railways under construction in China. SIYUAN tops China and even the world in regard to its performance and achievement on the survey & design of high-speed railways.

Apart from railways engineering, SIYUAN have also scored marvelous achievements in urban rail transit engineering, highway & municipal engineering, and overseas engineering projects, etc, demonstrating its competitive technical strength to all sectors of the society. By virtue of its rich experiences, advanced technologies, and excellent services, SIYUAN has built up its survey & design brand featuring high standard railway, complex mountain area railway, suburban railway, urban rail transit, road network planning, modern passenger railway station building, underwater tunnel, railway hub, bridge, soft foundation treatment, and environmental impact assessment, etc.. SIYUAN has organized the preparation and compiling of more than 10 national and industrial codes and standards. Since its establishment, SIYUAN has been honored with over 400 awards at both state and provincial levels, including 25 national awards for progress in science and technology, 27 national awards for high-quality engineering (incl. 12 Luban Prize, and 5 Zhantianyou Prize),12 awards for national excellent engineering survey & design, 3 awards for national excellent engineering survey & design software, etc, as well as 302 provincial level awards. More than 140 design projects have been listed as new records of Chinese enterprises.

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